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MEet Brian

I was fortunate to have grown up in this great state. My family was transferred here when I was three years old, as my father continued his career in the US Navy. I attended school at College Park Elementary and Middle school, and graduated from Stratford High School. My parents have always been loving and supportive. They raised me to work hard, to know that sacrifice is a part of life, family and community is important, and they are an example I aspire to emulate on a daily basis.


I married my high school sweetheart, Michelle, and celebrated 25 years of marriage on November 19, 2019. We have four amazing kids. The blessings have continued with two beautiful daughters-in-law and our first grandchild, Hadley.


I began my life of service as a volunteer fireman at Caromi Village Fire Department and a first responder with Berkeley County EMS. I was a police officer in Goose Creek and retired as a North Charleston police officer last year. Unlike some in government, I know what public service truly looks like. I have been led by great mentors, and I have led brave officers. Leadership is about bringing out the best in your team and I have always strived to do that.


Since my retirement from law enforcement in September 2018 I have become a team member in our family’s property appraisal business. Being involved on a daily basis with the operation of a small business has granted me a first-hand appreciation for the challenges that small businesses face. I have always treasured our small businesses, but this new perspective has shown me with even greater clarity their importance as a backbone of our community. Tax incentives and Special Favors for big corporations should not be paid for by small business and citizens. Over-regulation and over-taxation are a boot on the neck of our small business community that needs to be addressed. I am in the fight with you.

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